The New Brunswick Health Council's Population Health Snapshot

25 février 2010
MONCTON (NBHC) – The New Brunswick Health Council has released its first Population Health Snapshot. While the information contained in the tool has previously been presented to the public in a variety of ways, this is the first time it has been presented in a tool that;
  • shows data at the zone level and the provincial level
  • is written in plain language, and
  • is based upon the determinants of health, highlighting that the health system is responsible for approximately 10% of a person’s health, but is expected to command 50% of the government’s budget.
Over 500 individuals were asked for their input on the Population Health Snapshot. These stakeholders include a variety of government departments and agencies and their input played a role in developing the tool.
 “The easy part was finding the data,” says NBHC CEO Stéphane Robichaud, adding “The difficult part was creating a model that would be widely recognized and the Population Health Snapshot is a step in that direction.”
The result of the NBHC’s work is aimed at promoting the improvement of health service quality in the Province. The tools being developed by the NBHC can influence the evolution of programs and services within a number of government departments and agencies. This work begins with the Snapshot. 
Ultimately, the tool will also allow the NBHC to monitor progress and highlight trends. It will be an annual and standardized tool that will allow the health system to track where improvements are being made and where more work is required.
The NBHC is an arms-length organization that measures, monitors and evaluates New Brunswick’s health system through performance measurement and citizen engagement.  
Visit for a look at the Snapshot.
Attached: Population Health Snapshot Backgrounder.
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